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Perform Powerful Kicks LikeaTaekwondo Grandmaster!Unleash Your Greatest Strength with Add-on Resistance!

Taekwondo Kicker Trainer Bands!

Leg Resistance Bandsfor both athletes /non-athletes. Aim to improve your performance includingStrength, Agility, Flexibility, Balance, and Endurance.

Self-Fitness Training!

Intensity can be adjusted based on your training level. Combine different resistance bands to build muscle for powerful kicks.

Provides accommodating resistance or progressive resistance throughout the training process.


Build strength and explosive power as you take your physical skill to the next level. Strengthen leg to maximize kicking performance, agility, vertical jump, and endurance, so you canKick at Your BEST.

Side Kick

360 Spinning Heel Kick

Front Kick

Good for Training Legs Anywhere!

No matter at Dojang, at home, at school, at gym or outdoor, you can use it at anytime, anywhere.Very light, compact & easy to carry.

Double D-Ring Ankle Straps!

The doubleD-ring ankle strapsare built to last and aresuper comfortable.

It has a wide Velcrodesign, double stitching, and reinforced steel double D-RING to reduce stress, wear and tear.

Anti-break Protection Cover!

Our bands feature a protective covering that makes them safer than traditional exercise bands.

Nylon Sleeve protects the user from injury if tubing breaks or snaps back, and protects the tubing from body oils, UV rays, and overstretching.

Bands with protective covers have great toughness, wear resistance, pull, anti-break safety.

Versatile Usage!

Perfect for Taekwondo, Karate, basketball, volleyball, baseball, footwork running and skating training.

Works for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and in recovery from torn MCL and ACL surgery, and knee replacements.

Knockout Opponent with just a single Explosive Kick. Simply wear on, train & kick your BEST!


Material:Latex & Nylon, Polyester Webbing

Band Tension: 20lbs(Yellow), 30lbs(Green), 40lbs(Black)

Size:40cm/15.7″, 60cm/23.6″

Package Inclusion:1 set Taekwondo Kicker Trainer Bands includes 2pcs.Ankle Straps

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