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Benefits of using BetterTongue Cleaner

✅ Reduce Morning Breath & Get Rid Of Bacteria Buildup
✅ Improve Your Sense Of Taste
✅ Healthier Looking Tongue

Complete your healthy oral hygiene routine by cleaning your tongue as often as you brush your teeth. This Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner draws inspiration from the tools used in ancient Ayurvedic rituals to remove unwanted toxins and keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

How To Use BetterTongue

1) Start from the back of your tongue and scrape to the tip
2) Rinse off BetterTongue Cleaner
3) Repeat until your tongue is visibly cleaner

To achieve the best results it is recommended to use daily or if you are experiencing more build-up then, twice daily.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Unpleasant Breath Happens But When You’re Growing More Concerned That Someone’s Been Eating Week-Old Roadkill Every Time They Open Their Mouth, It’s Time To Start Using BetterTongue – Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner!

One of the biggest concerns about tongue scraping is “will it make me gag?” Just be careful how far back you scrape but most customers say they experience way less ‘gagging’ then they usually do when using a toothbrush.

Disclaimer: Nothing challenges a relationship like a nasty case of butt breath. If a simple “hello” from someone you care about makes your eyes water and nostril hairs curl, it’s time to do everyone a favor and start cleaning your tongue. BetterTongue is cheaper than family therapy, marriage counseling, finding a new job, or forfeiting every last article of clothing your best friend has “forgotten” to return, there’s really no end to the problem-solving power that BetterTongue has. 

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