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Guys, this might be the silliest yet the coolest gadget we have ever brought for you .

Come on , we all know how cool is it – its a rubber band hand toy 😅


ITS A RUBBER BAND TOY– First when we thought of launching this rubber band toy, it appeared to us a really silly thought but still we did and now it doesn’t look that silly but a lot of fun . This is one of those things which give you a lot of satisfaction no matter how childish or silly it be

POWERFUL SHOTS– The Rubber Band Toy shoot mechanism shoots the rubber bands with a really good force and it can literally make a light thing fall down ( great for shooting at your classmates while the lecture’s going ) . We sometimes play airsoft matches with soda cans in our office and this rubber band toy is perfect for that 

MULTIPLE RUBBER BANDS AT A TIME– You can easily load upto 10 rubber bands at a time and shoot them one by one

FULL METAL BODY– The rubber band shooter is made of ultralight aluminium body and is thus 100% scratch proof and fall proof . It’s really sturdy and thus the life of this product is very long 

FOLDABLE– The rubber band toy can be fully folded ( refer to the pictures ) so you can easily carry it in your pocket and it can be even used an keyring and nobody would know what a cool thing is actually in that keyring

DOPE TIME PASS– More than anything , it’s a great time pass when you have nothing to do and also for playing some friendly shooting matches.


1 x The Rubber Band Toy

1 bag x Rubber

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