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Pliable figures with magnetic hands and feet.

Q-Man Mini Magnets are bendable characters with magnetic arms and feet.

In addition to holding papers, photos, and random items like takeout menus, the Q-Man can be contorted into fun circus-like poses for your amusement.

Populate your kitchen or office with these fun magnetic figures.

Available in multiple colors.

Features & specs

Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.36″ x 0.39″

Material: PVC rubber

Each Q-Man contains four magnets (one on each hand and foot)

Strong enough to hold up to 15 sheets of important documents

In our tests, we were able to hang fifteen sheets of paper with a single Q-Man.

Although this did require “doubling down” (using both an arm and a leg simultaneously), we were still quite impressed with its strength.

Thus, the Q-Man will have no problem with your photos, report cards, or Poison posters.

Each Q-Man miniature magnet can hold up to 15 sheets of paper.
Each Q-Man is strong enough to hold up to 15 sheets of paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are these magnets male or female?

Answer: Tricky question. Each one is called a “Q-Man”, but they’re clearly androgynous in shape. Our official answer is, “Does it really matter?”

Question: Is the entire Q-Man magnetic or just its arms and legs?

Answer: Magnets are only found in their arms and feet. However, they can rest flat against a magnetic surface because the magnets in their arms and feet are strong enough to provide attraction through their thin rubber coating.

Question: How stretchable is the Q-Man?

Answer: Q-Man definitely has some “give”, but you certainly can’t stretch it like a rubber band.

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