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Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

Get the #1 recommended feeder for your cat’s health!  A “must-have” for senior cats and cats with sensitive stomachs!

Reduce vomiting and acid reflux
Reduce neck strain  and arthritis
Better portion control (no more “shovel-eating“!)
More comfort during feeding!

 Cats like eating from elevated feeders.  It’s better for their health too!

Ground-level feeding can cause poor feeding hygiene, stomach discomfort, and “shovel-eating”.

Look at how much more the left cat needs to strain her neck compared to the right one. 

Our Bowls are tilted and elevated so your cat can eat in the most ergonomic feeding position for their bodies.

A “must-have” for senior cats and cats with sensitive stomachs!

6 reasons why veterinarians love elevated feeders! 

Improve digestion and reduce vomiting! Leverage in gravity to get food down the stomach, resulting in less backflow!

Reduce neck strain & joint pain! Especially important cats with arthritis or mobility issues.

Improve feeding comfort by promoting a more ergonomic position for feeding.

Improve feeding habits. Elevated bowls can also help discourage any unwanted bowl tossing behaviours.

Portion control. Our bowls are appropriately sized so that your cat is never eating too much at once!

No bugs in the feeder! Another benefit of lifting it higher off the ground!

PS. It’s also super cute and easy to clean!

How does the Bowl compare?

Cat owners are obsessed…

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I started with one of these bowls from @purrheaven. Now I have 3, one for each of my cats. They love them!  😻
Amy N. (North Dakota)

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My cat loves this bowl! She used to sit and meow like she was hungry when there was still food at the bottom of her old bowl (she’s so prissy). Now she eats ALL of her food, no problem
Lisa A. (New Jersey)

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These bowls have stopped my cats from vomiting. It has been two weeks now and neither cat has vomited again. Not even a hairball!
Alex H. (Florida)

..and raving on social media 😻

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testimonial image

Still got questions?

Can I use this for my dog as well?
Yes! Our elevated bowls are great for small dogs as well as cats

How large are the bowls?
The bowls are 6.7 inches in diameter.

The double stand dimensions are as follows:
Length: 10.8 inches
Width: 5.3 inches
Height: 2.7 inches
The single stand dimensions are roughly half that height

Cats have been feeding in the wild for thousands of years without needing elevated bowls. Does my cat really need this?

The average lifespan on an indoor cat ins 13 to 17 years. The average lifespan of an outdoor (wild) cat is less than 5 years.

Cats in the wild simply don’t live long enough to experience the same problems as our domesticated indoor cats.

Our bowls are not designed for wild cats. They’re designed for modern cats in modern families.

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