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Not enough ingredients for a big, layered cake? Achieve it with the help of our Mini Multi-Tier Cake Mold.

It molds cake into multi-tier shape, instantly giving you that layered cake you want with ease.

This handy mold saves time and effort as it gives you a multi-tier cake in just one baking. 

No more worrying about wobbling or toppling layers either as this single piece cake is perfectly stable.

It’s easy to demold and comes in 3 sizes to satisfy your needs.


Easy Multi-Tiers – No need to bake multiple layers as it molds cake into a multi-tier shape.

Perfectly Stable – No more worrying about wobbling or toppling layers as the entire cake is baked as one piece.

Time-Saving – Saves time and effort from prepping and baking as it gives you a multi-tier cake in just one go.

Non-Stick – Its smooth, non-stick surface makes it easy to demold the cake without damage.

Different Sizes – Available in 3 different sizes to satisfy your baking needs.

Food-Grade – Safety ensured by food-grade material that’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: S (5.5 cm x 7.5 cm), M (6 cm x 8 cm), L (7.3 cm x 9 cm)


1 x Mini Multi-Tier Cake Mold

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