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The microfiber Duster holds on to the dust instead of spreading it around.

This duster easily and efficiently lifts and traps dirt, dust, and other micro-particles that too while protecting delicate surfaces.

Multipurpose Duster/Cleaner is with 360 Degree Flexible function and Removable Microfiber Cloth and Extension Pipe Rode for Long Area Space Cleaning

The brush is made of superfine fiber, it owns a strong water adsorption force which can easily adhere to dust, dirt, hair to provide the best experience in household cleaning.

 Made of Stainless Steel, this extendable telescopic pole is stiffer, tougher, and stronger. 

Suitable for any narrow or inaccessible places such as chandeliers, cars, computers, photo frames, plant leaves, furniture, bookshelves, blinds, wine racks, etc.

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