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This aquarium light is very suitable for you, with high light transmittance, super energy saving, long life and low heat.

It is an excellent way to change the underwater scenery.

Produce an impressive RGB color air curtain, provide oxygen for your fish, enhance the color of fish and corals,

and provide stunning lighting effects during the day or night,

which can make your fish tank a colorful landscape and let you The aquarium is like a part of the ocean.

Main Features

High Brightness
Convex lens design, better condensing effect, brightness is twice that of ordinary lamps.

LED lamp beads have high brightness, strong penetrating power, energy saving and long life.

Two-layer sealing and waterproof technology, the interior is directly filled with glue and sealed, and the waterproof level of the lamp holder is IP68, which can be fully submerged.

Low Energy Consumption
1W low power, energy saving, environmental protection and electricity saving,

less than once a month, does not harm the health of the fish, and increases the fun of fish farming.

360° Free Rotation
The direction of the lamp body can be adjusted according to your requirements. 

Adjusting the light to different angles will result in a colorful scene of streamers and achieve a charming visual viewing effect.

Multiple Occasions
A variety of light colors, suitable for fish tanks, pools, landscaping, etc.

Using Methods

1. Fix the spotlight on the cylinder wall

2. Turn on the power

3. Adjust the position of the spotlight by rotating to achieve a better visual effect


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