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Faster & Smarter Charging

🔋 Our product features USB 2.0 Fast charging allowing your phone to charge faster by providing more power to your device. 

Magnetic & Durable

💪 Our magnetic charging wire is strong and durable allowing it to last over 3x longer than other wires by utilizing triple-layer protection combined with powerful magnets

Glo Led Technology

🌟 We found the perfect balance between sleek design and eye-catching. Light up your environment with a unique glowing effect by our Glo power-saving technology.


Reid Barber

I was sceptical but this is a really cool product!

1) I can charge my usbc and micro USB devices using the same cable. I don’t need the clutter of two different cables.

2) Charging is easier. It’s not a strong magnet but it’s enough to let the magnetism do the guiding to the port. It lights up when it’s connected so I know its charging.

3) Charging speed doesn’t seem to be impacted. I used a USB voltage meter and it’s no different than using a standard cable. The leds use very little power.

4) It’s really cool looking. I was worried that it would be obnoxiously bright but its like a night light and I can still sleep with it charging. Also the tip is always lit so it’s easy to find and connect in the dark. Time will determine if this product is durable but so far it’s great and I’m pleased.

Finnlay Thomson

These cables are excellent quality and very cool! The best thing is how they save wear and tear on the device ports. Before we purchased these cables we had the charging port repaired on my husband’s tablet.

The end of a mini USB connector broke off and became lodged in his tablet. With these new cables that will never happen again! It is super convenient having a single cable that charges any of our devices, even when they require different USB types.

Just mate up the magnetic USB end we keep in the device port with the magnetic end of the cable and…voila!

No more hunting around for the correct cable. And did I mention how sexy these cables are?

I was in a busy airport recently, charging my phone with this cable. Several people came up to me to tell me they thought my charging cable was amazingly cool.

Priscilla Whitley

Thought they would look bad with the lights on but they aren’t bad at all.

I’m really glad I picked the large one, it’s really convenient for the kids as well.

One of the cables was not functioning properly but their support sent us a new one and it works great.

Thelma Robin

Works okay on a new iPhone 11 Pro Max, Ipad, and Samsung ear buds.

I leave the small magnetic charger in each device.

Very easy to use.

One of my cats is totally freaked out by the moving lights, and stays away from it when the lights are on.

He is a cat anyway! 🙂

Cole Hart

I have two Kindles that I used a lot during a recent siege of illness, so I was plugging and unplugging the cables constantly, needing to insert them just the right way.

Now that I’m using magnetic cables, connecting them to the chargers is as quick as just aiming the lighted ends of the cables at the Kindles.

With lighted cables I can even check across the room whether they’re charging.

I still have my regular cables for data transfers and thats probably the only downside.

Digby Sanders

These cables are very cool to look at and made my son very happy.

Did a road trip and was concerned about the brightness level of the cable when charging, was no problem and not overpowering.

Does what you bought it for; charges your electronic device and looks cool doing it.

I recommend that product.

Elsie-Mae Sandoval

I get asked where I got this from a few times a week lol.

Hopefully they can make an even stronger magnet later would love to get me a few more or for christmas.

Pablo Power

Really cool charge cords.

Nice knowing your item is being charged without having to check on it.

Super easy, no more trying to find the hole.

No more damaging the plug on your device.

Just awesome, wish I tried them sooner!

Giving everyone a set, excellent gift you’ll be thanked for a long long time!

Keeley Obrien

My son came for Christmas, and when he plugged his phone in to his new charger, everyone in the family was fascinated with the cord glowing, seeming to flow energy through the cord to his phone.

Of course, the rest of us had to immediately order ours after seeing this! !

Truly a fun item, and the best part is the cords are heavy duty and extra long.

I bought 2 extra sets for friends who fell in love with them as well.

Lorna Nicholls

Very good quality for the price. My son uses these every day; we’ve had them for about a month and haven’t had any issues.

They were easy enough for him to put up with a little help from dad and the controller they come with has numerous settings. A great buy.

Molly Jimenez

I gave this to my nephew for his 13th birthday last week and I really think he liked it more than the brand new TV his parents got him!

Super fun and great to watch- especially in the dark!

Giovanni Hess

One of the things I worry about the most is damaging the charging ports on my phone or VR headsets, so this 2-pack covers both perfectly and looks fantastic.

I am going to show them to my friends tomorrow and I already know they are all going to want one for themselves.

Looks just like the videos in the reviews here and I haven’t noticed any difference in charging time for my devices compared to the other cables I use, but I haven’t really measured it.

Thanks for making a quality product.

Homer Huffman

Easy to use! Convenience! Long enough! I don’t have to charge my phone in the corner anymore.

It’s long enough to keep it on the table. It’s enough to take a cable when I go out, and can charge my iPhone,iPad pro and Android phone by one cable! It’s cool to plug it in and it will glow!

You can leave the charging head on the electronic device, suck the magnetic suction head up when you need to charge, and unplug it when you want to move and use it.

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