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These Baby Bathing Toys fascinated me. Kids will love it.


The floating sprinkler toy of the baby bathroom is very suitable for the baby and also colorful. This is very cheap and convenient.
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The materials of the toy are also healthy and have no harm to the baby’s health. In addition, the materials are also environmentally friendly and have high quality.

The toy is very small and light. That is why it is also sustainable and if you make a trip with the children, you can bring that with you.

(CHRISTMAS PRE SALE - 50% OFF) Baby Bathing Toys - Buy 3 Get Extra 20% OFF

The design of the toy is very interesting and colorful. This is also suitable as a gift for babies.


Materials: ABS and plastic

Size: 3.93* 3.74* 3.74Inch


1 x Baby Bathing Toy

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