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The stretchable latex can fit your head very well! Very realistic!

“Love everything in the line, but my favorite is Double Layer Gory Horror Mask”

-Jayden T.

It’s horrible, Double Layer Gory Horror Mask!-Our original product! If there is a pirated version, we must take legal action!

Gender: Unisex

Material: High-Quality silica gel ,fiber, Oil paints

Package included:1 xDouble Layer Gory Horror Mask 

Each of our Costumes is made by hand!

The stretchable latex can fit your head very well! Very realistic!

This is the absolute latest costume!

Please do not compare other sellers’ particularly cheap products with us! Our products and pictures are original, and every product is handmade!

Cheap is not good quality!

Bring it to enjoy the most primitive carnival!


  • Mask comes with Bust to display when not in use
  • Face plate is held of with 7 embedded magnets either side of the mask (14 magnets in total) so you can detach and reattach on the fly. 
  • Because each mask is handmade it may vary from the one pictured. While I try to minimize the variations from piece to piece, it is a natural part of the handmade process, no two mask will ever be the same.
  • This is a piece of fan art and has no official affiliation with IT or JOKER

Exceptional quality and comfort.

Package Includes: 

Two Masks Together, one full head and neck blood mask and one removable blood mask for added realism. 

This awesome costume is handmade with 100% food grade silicone and artificial latex to provide maximum comfort and will add to your wardrobe.

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