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⚡ 24 hours of lighting from just 8 hours charge 

☁️ Designed to work all-year round in any climate

🤩 Set up in minutes — no wiring required

💡 400 Lumens — equivalent to 40w light bulb

⚙️ 3 lighting activation modes — constant, sensor or both

Our versatile 40 LED Solar Security Light will give you year-round peace of mind by providing safety and security in your garden or outdoor area.

This powerful solar security light provides everything you need in an outdoor light. It’s lightweight, can be installed anywhere with daylight and most importantly offers superior illumination and gives you complete control on how the light activates. 

Through relentless engineering for perfection we have built a powerful security light that works to meet your exact outdoor lighting needs — 24 hours of lighting from 8 hours charge, PIR sensor that covers all directions within a 5 metre range and LEDs on as many angles as possible for 270° coverage giving you lighting in three directions from one light.

Our range of solar lights are unparalleled in the market, they’re tested to work for up to 5 years with daily use. We are very confident in the quality of our lights and offer a 2-year guarantee with free replacement.

So whether you want a light that will keep you safe from trips and falls on a dark evening or are looking for a solar powered security light to deter potential intruders, this light is the best choice.

Three light activation modes

Constant dim mode (dusk till dawn)

Constant dim mode (dusk till dawn) > activates super bright mode for 25 seconds (repeatedly) when motion is detected

Motion sensor > activates super bright mode for 25 seconds (repeatedly) when motion is detected 

Where to Use

This solar powered outdoor security light is weather-proof, versatile and lightweight so you can use it in a variety of locations from paths and driveways to garden walls or doorways.

How it Works

You’ll be amazed by the convenience and simplicity offered by solar powered security lights. They really do look after themselves, making them a low-maintenance choice for anyone who wants security without having to remember to switch a light on and off each day.

During the day, the solar panel harnesses the power of the sun. Of course, this wonderful resource is completely free so you don’t have to worry about electricity bills and there is no need to plug anything in to the mains. Then when darkness falls, the light is automatically ready for action.

You don’t even need to worry about the weather conditions as these solar powered garden lights work in cloudy or wintery weather, making them the ideal choice for our UK customers.


Installation is so simple everything you need is provided in the box. You don’t need to find an electricity supply and no specialist DIY skills are required.

You can either fix the lights on to a wall or fence using the screws provided or most surfaces using Sticky Pads 


2 x 40 LED Solar Security Lights

Wall fittings (screws and wall plugs), alternatively you can fix to the wall using Sticky Pads 

LED Colour Temperature

Cool white (6000k)


Width: 11cm

Height: 12.5cm


40 x LEDs per light

No need to connect to mains

No electricity costs, charges using power from the sun

Designed for year-round outdoor use

Easy installation – no DIY skills required

Waterproof and weather resistant

Designed for UK climate

Automatically turns on when motion is detected

Comes on automatically at night in low dim mode and stays on constantly until the morning and/or can be set to activate super bright mode for approximately 25 seconds once motion is detected

5 metres detection range

Can be affixed to any surface with daylight including wall, shed and garage

Designed to meet the SPV Lights Standard

Up to 24 hours run time

IP67 rated

2 year warranty included


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