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PunchPro is an inflatable punching bag that meets the needs of active kids.

It’s a fun way to channel restless energy and blow off steam (yes kids get frustrated too!).

Pop it in the living room, and your kids will love it! They’ll box, bounce, and kick to burn all excess energy in a healthy and safe way.


PunchPro gives children the confidence to punch their way to an increased level of strength and fitness.

Strengthens arms, legs, and shoulders as the child pounds away!

Designed with kids in mind, this boxing bag can be used for casual play or exercise, indoor or outdoor. The right solution to keep children strong as they grow up.


Built tough to take whatever a little one can deliver, the PunchPro is perfect to develop hand-eye coordination at an early age.

Mounted on a weighted base for stability, the punching bag bounces back in response to kicks and punches.

It trains your child’s focus and confidence by learning to keep their balance.


How do I set PunchPro up?

Firstly, fill up the base with sand or water. Use an air pump to inflate the top part with air through the opening seal. Seal it up and get your kid ready for some punching!

How durable is it?

Made with 0.3mm PVC, PunchPro is durable enough to withstand kicks, punches, and even chops from kids or adults alike. It is recommended that you set up on smooth surfaces, where there are no sharp objects lying around.

Can it be used outdoors?

PunchPro is portable, so you can either place it indoors or outdoors. We’ll love to see your kids having fun anywhere in the house, be it in the living room, garage, or at the park.

Energy Bursting PunchPro

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Size: 160 by 65 cm

Weighs 800g

0.3mm PVC material

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